The PFI Branding Network Advantage


PFI BRANDING organises workshops called “GESTION DE TIEMPO PARA TIENDAS” aimed at helping SHOWROOM 360 IBERIA clients (multi-brand stores in general) become more efficient.

Smith and Ricardo:
We help them specialise their competencies. That is, to concentrate on selling whilst we take care of the rest.

The only thing I like to hear people preach about is: JESUS CHRIST – my potter! I find all other forms of evangelism to be full of smoke and mirrors (ra ra ra)

Sharing is caring as they say. Further below, a quick 3 page time management workshop (of powerpoint screenshots) that will help you staff-audit your business. We’ve shared it with our Iberian peninsula clients, now you can share it with your people all over and start working towards making a difference.



STOP having to put out fires at work constantly.

We’re in business to help our clients build powerhouse brands, to build their brand’s expansion soundly, not to solve these kind of dejà vu (repetitive and tiresome) problems. So take this free advice and check outother fellow-geeky  blogs and forums for more info 😉

Once you’ve got your businesses TIME MANAGEMENT ANALYSIS sorted, only then call us and not before! Coz’ then we’ll now you’re ready to take real action…We like to move forward!

We’re in business to help small businesses stay alive. In these volatile times, that’s already something, BUT we certainly prefer helping businesses prepare a brighter future, rather than to pick-up the bread crumbs or pieces.


Turning your business into an emerging e-brand is what tickles our fancy. Helping you grow with established procedures, processes, intergration, etc., makes us proud; but helping your business build towards automation and standardisation is what makes me wanna rock ‘n’ roll 🙂


Note that we place God first, family second and fashion fitness third. So organisation is everything as time is limited and our days are long enough as it is. So don’t make us waste our time and we’ll certainly won’t make you waste yours!

Be Blessed
Will Rojas Fort
PS – Free info helps us all save time and money. Besides, multi-brand stores cannot live off just one supplier. Jesus saves souls, and we help save small businesses! And yes, being a “CC” Cool Christian is cooler than this life itself 😉