The PFI Branding Network Advantage

Shine Bright Like A Diamond with our Services

With PFI Branding, we turn people into e-brands. Your brand, merchandising products, your store(s), your restaurant(s) and/or establishment(s) – will all “Shine bright like a diamond”


That said and as the good ol’ Spanish proverb goes: En casa del herrero, cuchillo de palo. Meaning that our customers’ business comes before ours! So we’re terribly sorry about the fact that we just don’t have the time we need to make this section or website (for that matter) look just the way we want it to 🙁

Albeit, here below is a quick summary of most of our services.

  • Web Design,
  • Corporate image,
  • Catalogues (From storyboard to shooting right through to production and print)
  • Wholesale & Retail Marketing tools (PoS, Showroom guides, visual merch guide and planner, presentations)
  • Google Virtual Tours,
  • Videos (Property and Agency Profile videos, events, etc.,)
  • Video Clips (Brand, Celebrity, Product & Place placement videos)
  • Resort or Chateau profile videos with drones and the whole shebang
  • Social Media Strategies,
  • Community Management,
  • E-Reputation Management in perfect (Spanish, French, English, Italian, Russian, Academic Arabic)
  • Retail Window Merchandising for FASHION & ACCESSORY and RESTAURANTS (for now Iberian markets)
  • Retail Consultancy (Brand Management, DĂ©veloppement d’enseigne, sviluppo di marchio)
  • Full Public Relations services,
  • Full B2B events services and B2C activation proposal of events,
  • Advertising Campaigns,

You’re also welcome to collaborate or partner up with us for our new MISS PATANEGRA INTERNATIONAL beauty pageant. You can either choose to become:

  1. An affiliate (event partner)
  2. A franchisee (only if you’re photographer, celebrity, ex-model or modelling agency in your country)
  3. A local contest delegation (only for modelling agencies)
  4. A sponsor (open to mid-to-high end designers or brands)
  5. A hosting venue (only if your establishment is a lounge club with a resort-chic and poolside ambience)

Feel free to tag along to one of our cool events and by all means, come to one of our Patanegra Networking Community events. We’re eager beavers, and we’d therefore like to prove to you that we excel in match-making and in building GOODWILL! The Patanegra Guide doesn’t just list SME’s, it accompanies small firms all the way to the top.

And if we as a platform can’t help you? We’ll at least put you in the right hands – thanks to our Patanegra Guide listings – and as of may 2015 our Luxury Views Real Estate Portal will increase our listings’ visibility and attraction.

This should you that “we practice what we preach”
The PFI Branding Team