The PFI Branding Network Advantage

PFI BRANDING partners up with 4 COLORES to accelerate the vertical diversification of both companies

Partnering up makes sense!

This first pilot store will help us to gear-up for own “franchise” retail (as one), and as we’ve both been doing (since 2010) for all of the brands, and companies that we’re successfully servicing and helping to grow since 2005!

This merger converts us into the one-stop-shop for SME’s wishing to externalise their office supplies, event merchandising needs, as well as their marketing needs.

As of 2018, our retail concept “in the making” will help us grow internationally. Proving to the world that we practice what we preach. In the meantime, it’s our aim to be the local leader in our area in: (chic stationery” office supplies, own souvenir collections and personalised products)


In 2017, we will communicate all the licenses that we’ll have in exclusivity for EMEA. Basically, if our demanding end-consumers love what we’re doing in Barcelona, why won’t they in other cities?

Will Rojas Fort
Managing Director