The PFI Branding Network Advantage

Pata Negra Guide events concentrate on showcasing our listings but they’re also an opportunity for their suppliers and our event partners to stand out from the rest

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Pata Negra events focuses on the promotion of the establishments listed within it. The Pata Negra Guide has a Retailer-to-Consumer approach which enables us to offer our clients, event partners and sponsors the possibility of:

  • Promoting their point-of-sale,
  • Being included in our slow food, slow retail and slow medicine circuits,
  • Establishing an advertisement budget per campaign or product line,
  • Determining a target audience hierarchy,
  • Optimising their target reach areas
  • Ensuring their content’s success.

Transforming Prospect-to-Product searches into money! pfi-branding-event-organisation-that-moves-even-elephants Although all of our events abide by strict protocol and procedures, none of them reflect a copy and paste strategy. They are all backed-up by our team of serious publicists per area. These of which are on-call 24/7 when need be – chasing-up and following-up different medias; in order to guarantee our clients a successful event. We thrive on the PR work that we do to make your events successful. However, we also understand that our events need to be backed up with:-

  • Content & Documentation,
  • Location and on-site support,
  • Pitching & Sales Presentations
  • Serious Event partners,
  • Personalised Guerrilla marketing,
  • SMS marketing and
  • Social media strategies,

And anything else that will help us help you make a difference. This is precisely what makes our events stand out! The fact is, that we manage to prove each time that “pigs can actually fly” as the Pata Negra logo implies. In the same line and for the sake of a successful event, we’ll even move elephants if we have to… Our event organisation marks the culmination of our commitment to our clients! We work extremely hard but we play even harder – so, are you ready to make some noise? With us, the sky is the limit! The PFI Branding Management Check-out our events on the Pata Negra YouTube channel C/O Pata Negra Business Development Team