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Tagger Bags Video Clip – Tag My Pack – Pinta Tu Mochila Street Art is Urban Smart

Watch Tagger Video Clip
Featuring Diva Avari

PFI Branding has done this video clip from A to Z & financed by Showroom 360 Iberia with the aim to promote Pinta-Tu-Mochila in-store actions. Every event has been produced and organised by our RetailCode TV team. These events have now grown beyond the borders of the Iberian markets – as tagger bags has done!

This video clip conveys a beachy urban lifestyle as it was filmed in Barcelona. We brought Montana Colors artists, this amazing Diva from Boston and we locally produced the music. We’re very happy to have immortalised this brand and the artists which appear in the clip. As it brings together the different sub-cultures. With this brand campaign, we’ve proven once again, that it’s our job to surpass ourselves as marketeers. And that we should never pigeonhole citadins into one genre of music, dress, or even one type of urban culture! That is to say, depending on our moods, we all want different things. In our case, we work hard but we play even harder so we totally change when the sun goes down… and you?

PFI branding for the count of Showroom 360 Iberia has created and produced this video clip to encapsulate tagger bags’ brand values. It’s the first time in the world that a song is created with a title that relates to in-store actions. We’ve also created the slogan to sustain what is, tagger’s brand stance. Thenceforth: Street Art is Urban Smart – get the drift? You better ‘coz your kids already do…


Tagger Bags is made up of extremely creative consumers, which are artists or artists in the making. They’re all people who practice urban sports. Namely longboards. Allow us then to encourage you to consider longboarding in and out of the water – it’s for all ages as is a tagger bag! This atemporal brand is helping more and more people customise their world. Bear in mind that customisation: ain’t just a fad as the words of the song imply. Tagger Bags will survive all of us, it’s greater than you and me and even fashion – simply because new consumers decide what their fashion is today! Buying a tagger bag is even better than getting yourself a tattoo. It’s just as fashionable, with the slight difference that you can change the front part of a tagger bag. Whereas you’ll be stuck with your tattoo forever!

The Tag My Pack or Pinta Tu Mochila video has been particularly designed to promote the customisation of tagger bags at events, at in-store actions and much more surprises to come. All of our artists sign their work. So now you too, can start art collecting. PFI Branding and Showroom 360 Iberia are going to take this brand and the artists that are helping us get it there, all the way to Mars – where it and we belong. Get your tagger backpack now!

The PFI Branding Team
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