The PFI Branding Network Advantage


We design flyers for PATANEGRA GUIDE & SHOWROOM 360 IBERIA events. Check out past events for look and feel of our work on our Patanegra events channel on vimeo.

We’re sure that you’ll agree that we attach a great deal of importance to Visual Communication and its impact.


That is why we go beyond simple design. In fact, we establish:-

  • A product-promotion strategy per product category,
  • Engaging images for Cluster interaction,
  • A STP study
  • A direct relationship between visual and Channel of distribution targeted,
  • Age group validation (i.e. retail KPI’s, % renewal, Av. Purchase per product)

All of this INTANGIBLE VALUE is what we wack and transmit visually and even on a flyer!
We can make this possible and more. The question is, how much do YOU value your brand?

Will Rojas Fort
PS – In Visual Communication, he who sees perceives and so, how do you want your brand to be perceived?