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Cross-product Promotion for Sony Pictures – How Do You Know movie 2010

Watch How Do You Know Trailer

This was done for the count of VF Jeanswear Iberia and with the collaboration of Sony Pictures Spain; to which we’re very grateful for this cool experience. This co-marketing initiative obtained some amazing results because the movie’s release was backed-up by a window strategy of 50 points-of-sale that were carefully selected by us.

The interest for end-consumers was that they could win free tickets to the movie with a purchase of products shown (i.e. Eastpak Transfer trolley) at any of 50 selected points-of-sale.

The interest for Sony Pictures was that all of the participating stores were sent a window kit for visual merchandising purposes. This was sent by us and we also monitored store window set-up. Most stores did an amazing job! As a result, it not only generated retailer awareness but also, it helped get flocks of people into the nearby and/or shopping malls’ Mega Multiplex Cinemas.

This Cross-product PROMO with Sony Pictures and Eastpak was the first of many to come with other brands; which we’ll be posting when we have a bit of time.

The PFI Branding Team