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Food pairing is an art in which Spanish Chefs have been excelling in since the beginning of the 21st century. Probably because Spanish fusion cuisine is rich in foreign influences of late, and most certainly because Spanish artisanal products are right up there, if not natural market leaders at that!

In any case, the success of Spanish style “Gastrobars” proves that Spanish chefs have incredibly raised the bar since 2009. Thereby helping Spanish gourmet products “take ownership” of a growing traditional channel and/or retailing segment. And this is definitely great news for all of us epicureans.

However so, Spanish gastronomical brands continually fail to enrich their qualitative equity abroad… And then there’s “Can Xurrades”. A hidden gem in the heart of Barcelona. Slowly making headway with its award winning tapas and with its very own gourmet meat brand: “Caviar del Buey”.

In light of this, we decided to organise a “get to know” event in this distinctive restaurant. It’s the Patanegra Guide way of saying that Luxury is not something that is necessarily expensive – It must however be something eclectic! Our concept of affordable luxury is clearly evoked in this video; showcasing Rafa Martinez’s amazing steak tartare, and using castrated “Uro Bos” meat. Then followed by a desert made up of “Cacao Sampaka” and an “On The Rocks Spirits”.

This food pairing exercise was then taken into its extreme limit. That is, instead of finishing off with a traditional coffee, or starting with a cocktail, the idea was to let mingling professionals (decide for themselves) when was the right time for them, to taste test one flavour as opposed to another. The result was clear, as a full 360º food paring experience in its “raw essence” was achieved. And idea which this flyer clearly immortalises. By contrasting flavours like this, we managed to bring out the rich taste in each, which helped us transmit to our indulging guests (only around 9pm) that it was time to hive off to our amazing cocktail.

So yeah, the “Terra Cotta” cocktail was specifically created for this occasion and for us, by the hand of mixologist Jose Rondina from “Cocteling”. Truly a sensory experience… fusing three major brands: ON THE ROCKS PREMIUM LIQUORS, LANDUCCI COFFEE AND CACAO SAMPAKA.

In conclusion, this highly complex and aromatic cocktail surprised our special guests as they were able to travel and experiment with rich flavours. Definitely proved to be a cheerful exercise, given its success. Now these brands in the making hereof, will be remembered forever.

Will Rojas Fort
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