The PFI Branding Network Advantage


It is with great pleasure that I am announcing to SME’s worldwide, the existence of this top-notch BNI chapter. I hope the following pictures will entice you to come and visit our group at your earliest convenience: BNI Visió @22 Barcelona

Please note that we’ll only accept you into our LinkedIn group, if you’ve visited our chapter, or have taken part in our one2one program. We’re like a live linkedin – I am therefore looking forward to having the honour of presenting your firm to our group members.

Through our (one-2-one’s, meet-ups and “get-to-know” us) chapter events, we’re showing that we’re determined to do business with all those who contribute to our chapter’s growth!

Yours Faithfully
Will Rojas Fort
Director Consultant BNI
(Visió @22 Chapter)