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AIDA will never go out of fashion – when organisation shows then creativity flows

The art of communication is based on methodology. Meaning, the secret is that there is no secret! Success is the sum of small repetitive things which are done on a daily basis as the saying goes. To upkeep a professional business rhythm, your business needs to be built upon fundamental business principles. They are the only things that will help you roll-out your strategy soundly.

At PFI Branding, we call this strategic execution. It’s not about reinventing the wheel here, but it is however about dismantling it and putting it back together again – so that you know what you’re talking about. Bear in mind that if you are unable to measure your business impact, that you won’t have the neither the insight nor tools to manage your actions properly. A CRM will help you with lead management but if you’re not communicating properly? Then you’ve got yourself a Harley Davidson and no driver’s license so are you going to respect the code?

With this design, the AIDA communication model now speaks to our people. It helps them understand the process better and hopefully, the image itself will be engraved in their memory. Now you have to do the same with your people as it’ll help you, your team and especially your trading partners win time.

The AIDA model is applicable to every sector, product and service. Communicating with AIDA conveys to others that your business practice is built on commercial empathy. Applying it is the first step to being successful.

As you can see, our light bulb does not have a mouth – illustrating as the French would say: Bien dire fait rire, bien faire fait taire. Which means that: Saying it makes others laugh but doing it; will silence them!

So back to work and remember, when organisation shows then creativity flows! (This one is mine)

Will Rojas Fort
PFI Branding