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The 555 model should be the basis of your strategy and Channel Management initiatives

The 555 Strategy is something that is used in the denim industry. Dating back to 2005 when I was in Diesel France. Since then, I’ve improved it to suit any distribution channel.

To us business is like a chess game. It’s about owning the middle of the chess board figuratively speaking. By the same token, each business operation requires serious planning and hence, it’s about knowing how to choose your battles as Sun Tzu’s art of war strategy here below depicts:-

I’ve adapted it to our business reality in order to help those of you that have clicked here win time. As a matter of fact, I prefer having a vested interest in our clients’ businesses rather than having to play teacher. We need to live and learn with each day that goes by; so we really can’t afford to spend time teaching!

I therefore hope that this knowledge base will be of good use to you… Whether you are:-

  • Retailers,
  • Listed clients and customers,
  • Collaborators and contributors,
  • Followers of our web site(s)
  • Or somebody that appreciates content which can save others time and money.

Then allow me to thank you for reading our content. Sharing means caring and along with good karma – it helps my team and I help our clients put the 8 ball away – making sure that they don’t get nervous when they’re getting a fair shot at it.


The above diagram represents our 5/5/5 strategy. We’re convinced that it will help you optimise resources but most importantly, it will help you close deals! It’s applicable to all sectors but what I love the most about it; is the nº 8. I’ve include it to evoke the fact that we love to think and do business over a game of pool and beers. And because in Chinese culture, the nº 8 stands for good fortune – and we’ll only bring you Good+Will = Goodwill.

In conclusion, business is about people doing business with other people and the best way to show respect is by showing commercial empathy – which can only be embodied by real human beings – those of us who understand what sheer professionalism and what 5/5/5 preparation should stand for!

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Will Rojas Fort
Marketing & Sales Director